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know one's onions 精通某事

know one's way around 熟悉道路

know-it-all 似乎樣樣事都知道的人

lady-killer 引誘女人的男子

laid eyes on 見過

last final 期末考試的最後一天

last minute rush 最後一分鐘的匆忙

last word 最新成就

laughing matter 無關緊要的事

lay aside 儲蓄

learn a lesson 受到教訓

leave it at that 暫時停止爭論

leave it to me 交給我辦吧

leave me alone 不要打擾我

leave much to be desired 大有改進必要

leave out 忽略;遺漏

leave sth up to sb 讓某人決定某事

leave the lights on 不息燈

let bygones be bygones 過去的事就讓它過去吧

let down 使失望;放低;失信;出賣

let go of me 放開我

Let me put it this way. 讓我這麼講吧.

let nature take its course 順其自然

let off 下車;開槍;釋放

let the cat out of the bag 洩漏秘密

Let's be on our way. 我們走吧.

Let's change the subject. 不要再說這個了.

Let's take a break. 我們休息一下吧!

Life is short, don't drag your feet. 人生短暫,得盡歡時就盡歡.

life of the party 聚會的核心人物

like a cat on hot bricks 熱鍋上的螞蟻

Like a letter from home. 好極了,象接到家書一樣.

like a turtle on its back 對事情束手無策

like a veteran 像個老手

like ducks to water 如魚得水

Like father, like son. 有其父必有其子

little or nothing 只差一點點

live a dog's life 過著牛馬不如的生活

live by oneself 獨居

live up to one's words 履行諾言

loafing around 遊手好閒

lone wolf 獨自一人

long stories 說謊;吹牛皮

Long time no see. 好久不見

look before you leap 三思而後行

look for a needle in a key stack 大海撈針

look for trouble 自討苦吃

look here 聽我說

look into 調查

look out 當心

look over 快速檢查

look up 探望;漲價;形勢好轉;查字典

look up to sb 尊敬某人

Look who you're talking to. 看清楚你是在對什麼人說話.

looking forward to, be 期待

lose one's nerve 緊張,沒勇氣

lose one's shirt. 輸得精光

lose track of the days 把時間搞糊塗了

lose track of time 弄亂時間

lost count 弄不清楚

lost one's nerve 失去勇氣

lost one's temper 發脾氣

lost weight 瘦了

loudmouth 多嘴的人

lousy cliches 陳詞濫調

lousy things 討厭的事;卑鄙下流的事

lucky dog 幸運兒

make a day of it 做(玩)了一整天

make a fool of oneself 大出洋相

make a fortune 發財

make a fuss 小題大做;使倍受注目;吹捧某人

make a go of 成功地打倒某種目標

make a hit 出風頭

make a memo 記錄下來

make a mountain out of a nolehill 小題大做;言過其實

make a new man of you 把你打扮得很體面

make a pass at sb 向某女士展開追求

make a point of 強調

make a point of doing sth 決心(或堅持)做某事

make a scene 因吵架引起圍觀

make an effort 努力

make big money 賺大錢

make both ends meet 使收支平衡

make ends meet 收支相抵

make eyes at 大送秋波

make for 走向

make good 成功;旅行諾言;彌補

make it 在面試、考試、比賽等獲得成功

make it a point 對某事特別注意

make it hot for sb 採用敵視態度使某人呆不下去

make it snappy 快點幹;乾脆點

make no bones 毫不畏懼地說

make one's blood boil 使人異常憤怒

make one's way 讓步;成功

make out 理解;分辨

make sense (out) of 弄懂

make sport of 嘲笑

make trouble 惹事生非

make up for 補償

make up to 討好

Make yourself at home. 別拘束;隨便點.

make-up examination 補考

Makes my mouth water. 使我垂涎

man of his word 說到做到的人

man of mark 名聲顯赫的人

mark my words 聽我說;記住我的話

Mason-Dixon Line 美國南北分界線

master key 萬能鑰匙;關鍵

May I have your attention, please? 請注意.

May I take a message? 要不要我替你留話?

May West 救生衣

mean business 不是開玩笑

mean to say 你是說...

meet each other half way 將就著

might as well 也可以

mind one's P's and Q's 注意禮貌(polite, thank you)

mind your own business 不要管閒事

misfortune never comes singly 禍不單行

miss the bus 坐失良機

money making proposition 生意經

money talks 金錢萬能

monkey around 搗蛋鬼

more sober moments 認真,規矩的片刻

morning after 宿醉

movie bug 電影迷

much of a 了不起的;稱得上...的

mud in your eye 祝你好運

My budget is tight. 我預算很緊.

my chick 我的女朋友

My eye! 天哪!

My foot! ...個屁!

my kindom for 我非常想要(願以王位換取)

My stomach was upset. 我胃痛.

My word! 驚奇中略帶不滿的感嘆詞

nasty about it 對某事態度不好

neck and neck 不分上下

need other's shoulder 希望得到某人的安慰

never can tell 很難預測

never heard of 從來沒聽說過

Never on your life 你休想

new flame 新情人

nice about it 對某事態度甚好

Nice going. 幹得好

nip in the bud 防患未然

No bull? 不是說大話吧?

No damage done. 沒關係.

no end in sight 長期

no go 不成功

no hard feeling 請勿見怪

no kidding 別開玩笑

No money, no honey. 沒有錢,哪有愛情

no offense 請勿見怪

no picnic 不容易

no post-mortem 既往不咎

no sweat 沒問題;不用冒汗

No time like the present. 現在正好.

no use crying over spilt milk 傷心無補於實際

no way 不可能

nominate sb for sth 推選某人做某事

none of your business 不關你的事

nose to the grindstone 用功讀書

not a bit 一點也不

not a damn thing 什麼也沒有

not a word to anyone 保守秘密

not at all 不要緊

not bad 不錯

not being oneself 不太舒服;身體病態

not make head or tail of 完全不懂

not much of anything 什麼也不行

not on your life 你休想

not really 不完全是

not so hot 極好的

not that I can think of 想不起了

not that I know 這個我就不知道了

not the slightest 一點也不知道

nothing doing 不行

Nothing matters to me. 我什麼都無所謂

nothing to do with 與無關

Now you're taking. 說得對!

number one job 大便

odds and ends 零碎的工作

off color 身體不爽

off the track 離題

offhand 毫無準備;即席

Oh yeah? 真的嗎?

old flame 情焰

old hand 老手

old lady 女朋友

old lady, old man 對父母的暱稱

old screw 老守財奴

old story 老套的說法

old timer 老資格

on and off 斷斷續續

on and on 不斷地

on cloud nine 非常高興

on one's last legs 生命即將結束

on one's own 自食其力

on pins and needles 如坐針氈

on reserve, be 保留;保存

on sale 折價;減價;廉價特賣

on short notice 一接到通知就...

on some days in certain weeks 在某幾個星期的某幾天裡

on the blink 身體不爽;性能不佳

on the carpet 訓斥

on the dot 準時

on the level 老實;忠誠

on the nail 立即

on the nose 準確地

on the q.t. 悄悄的;暗中(quiet)

on the right track 做對了;走上正路了

on the rocks 在岩石上

on the score of 因為

on the side 兼職

on the wagon 戒酒

on the wane 逐漸衰落

on top of the world 精神飽滿

once in a blue moon 機會難得;絕無僅有

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